Bay Point Media

Bay Point Media is Georgia’s premier entertainment finance provider.
Bay Point Media's parent company, Bay Point Advisors, approached me to create the new brand. As part of the scope, Bay Point Advisors needed a logo animation that would be used in the pre roll before the feature films they were financing.
The focus was to deliver Bay Point Media a logo and a brand that would maintain resonance with it's parent brand while elevating its artistry given the business sector.
The new logo is an nod to the parent company's banyan tree logo but with an art deco flare that odes back to the golden age of cinema. The logo doubles as both a tree and the architecture of sound stages that Bay Point Media is financing within the Georgia region. The entire website, marketing and print materials stem from the logo and brand colors to create a singular, cohesive and recognizable brand within the film financing industry.

As an extension of Bay Point Advisors, we began to explore possibilities of future growth for the Bay Point brand. How could the design ethos expand into different sectors as Bay Point ventures into different product offerings? The parent company, Bay Point Advisors, took on the foundational tree trunk logo as the base in which the different sub brands would grow.